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I miss the excitement and fun of working to establish a blog. Oddly, mine got more attention after I stopped being able to work at it than it did when I was working on it a lot. Anyway, I've changed a lot as a person since beginning that blog, but I have high hopes that, Lord willing, I'll be feeling a lot better in a few months. I may decide to start one again, or to get back to my abandoned one and take in some different directions. I know I'd like to try some redecorating projects, so this blog will be inspiring, I'm sure!


sadly, I think it may have been because my more recent posts, though very sporadic, were taken when I was much thinner than I'd been before. I was thinner because I was very ill, but that doesn't matter apparently when it comes to fashion. Gaunt and sickly seems to be more attractive to fashion minded folk than healthy and carrying a little meat on your bones. :(
Anyway, ironically, once the offers I'd hoped for started pouring in, I wasn't well enough to pursue them. Sorry to be bombarding you - if you'd rather not hear from me, just let me know.. it's fine :) I clearly need to become more occupied - I hope to get to the point where I'm able to be soon, Lord willing.


Happy to have found you again!


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