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Melissa's Antiques

Very cool! I have had a few local historical societies here in Indianapolis buy some items from me. I love being able to go visit them!


I think these stamps are GORGEOUS....An AWESOME score Selina....!!

As Vintage Merchants, I believe we wear a couple of hats....That of Eco Warrior & historical Preservationist....Pretty important hats I reckon when you look at the 'big picture....!!!!!

As always, THANKS for sharing....!!!



How wonderful you found such historic treasures and how sad that the era of the apples has changed to grapes. Such treasures in the stamps.


Wow - I love those! I am wondering which ones are for sale? I see a couple that I would definitely be interested in! Is there any possibility you would ship - and what is the price range? There's a possibility that my sister might be able to go to The Antique Society for me.....


Cary really enjoys watching American Pickers and I enjoy watching it with him. How fun that you got to talk with the apple farmer!

thrifty girl 51

I haven't but your experience sounds like a lot of fun! I too watch Mike and Frank and Danielle and I love that show!

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