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Fun! A few years for my birthday I took a thrift store day for myself and met up with my family for dinner at a Korean/Japanese restaurant. Bliss! I've been thinking of doing something similar this year.

BTW, I grew up in Chico and it's where I learned to love thrift stores! I even scoured them in my adult years when my parents still lived there. And Burger Hut. Oh how I loved their fries and their special sauce!

Shara Mortimer

Happy belated birthday! I've often wondered what storage auctions are like. I hope you post something about your experience.


Happy belated birthday! I remember going to Goodwill once with you and your family - I think it's so interesting that they raised you to enjoy thrift stores so much and that's it's become such a big element in your adult life. :)

Lynn Chase

First of all, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday! I think that is such a fun tradition you started with your dad. Maybe I'll start something like that with my kids. I think that is a great idea!

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