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I treasure vintage things over new, and prefer to use them whenever practical and possible, so I can completely relate to what you are saying here. My taste is eclectic, to say the very least, and I would rather be considered quirky and even weird (read: unique and unusual, OOAK!) rather than have a home that is completely devoid of any type of personality. It kind of blows my mind that people want to go buy an huge piece of artwork at a "new" retail store, when so many fabulous original pieces can be discovered at thrift shops and yard sales, flea markets, etc, for very reasonable prices! And then you have something no one else has. Seems like such a no-brainer to me, but then again, they say there's no accounting for taste. And differences make the world go around, I suppose. Yet, it still feels to me like so many people just plain don't "get it". I look at pictures in magazines quite often and think "who would want to sit on that sofa for any length of time?", "where are their books?", "where's the TV?", "how could you read in that chair, there's no lamp!", "that looks so uncomfortable, there is no place to put your feet up (I'm short,and who wants their legs to dangle?)", "where would somebody put their water, wine, soda, whatever?" - the list goes on and on.
But then I'm sort of a "freak",anyway! :) :)
I like your style, Selena.

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