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Selena I LOVE your new Blog....I've ALWAYS enjoyed your writing style & am THRILLED to have the opportunity to read your words again....!!!!!

Cheers from Australia,


Hi Selena,

I thought of you this morning since my yoga teacher told me she's going to Peta Luma for a trip. I'm so glad you're still writing and thrifting! I'll be checking here from now on. :-)

Greetings from Amsterdam!


testing the comment section.

Jennifer C

I have that exact same need. i often pick stuff up on the side of the road even if I don't need it to donate it to a thrift store because I am afraid it will get ruined or thrown away. Looking forward to reading your new blog!


I'm glad you're writing again, I read your ATG blog and really enjoyed that. I think this will be great too. Good luck.


Completely understand where you're coming from, seems like a natural extension of your earlier thrift days. I think it's great you're choosing to move on in your own new direction, will be dropping by every so often ;)

Beth Hollenhorst

Delighted that you've returned and looking forward to reading your blog. All the best to you, Selena!


Welcome back Selena, we missed you! :-)
I feel the same sense of responsibility towards things. Everything I come in contact with I have to find a suitable home for (at times is looks almost as a curse as I struggle to use/reuse/donate/sell... but I love the thrill of the hunt and having a home that is fully me.

yay for dumpster diving!!

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